What is the value of a volunteer?

Time is money, however some healthcare facilities do not realize the value of volunteers. At Richmond Lodge, volunteers are one of the most precious resources that we have. With training in the basic rudiments, a volunteer becomes a valuable asset. Students in the Social Service Worker Program through Algonquin College are also a huge asset in helping with Fundraising. For example, the Annual Craft & Bake Sale is held every year in November to raise money for the residents activity fund, and in production is the 2014-2015 Cook Book which will go on sale soon! The staff at Richmond Lodge admire and respect our volunteers for the tasks that they carry out and the great support they provide.

Put your COMPASSION into ACTION and contact us about sharing your talents and passions as a volunteer at Richmond Lodge. Families and friends of the residents are encouraged to volunteer. Each person is driven to volunteer for a different reasons and we welcome your individual talents and passions. Our objective is to offer a volunteer the opportunity to do:

  • what they enjoy
  • what interests them or
  • what stimulates them to help

If you know of someone who would like to volunteer at Richmond Lodge please contact any of the administrative staff listed in the Contact Us page.